Appeal Bonds

Have you been arrested, charged and convicted in court but you want to appeal your case?

If you think you have been wrongfully accused and decide to appeal your case to the higher court, you need to post an appeal bond, a specific amount of money that is placed in holding while your appeal is being decided.

The appeal bond also called as a safety net bond is legally required by the Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 7 and the state court. The amount that the court asks as appeal bond can be high and must be posted a few weeks after the judgment on the case is rendered.

Most often, those who want to file an appeal bond may be in a quandary as to where they will get the money. Good thing commercial bail agents are here to help them.

If you are looking for a bail bond service in Jackson, Georgia to help you with your appeal bond, consider AAA Action Bonding, the only bail bond service in the state and Butts County’s only local bail bondsman.

With over five years of experience in the bail bond service industry, AAA Action Bonding knows the ins and outs of filing an appeal bond. It clearly understands that the bail process may be a little demanding but its goal is to be patient and courteous while making the process as fast and painless as possible.

AAA Action Bonding’s team of experts can provide help not only with Appeal Bonds but also on Criminal Bonds, Traffic Bonds, Juvenile Bonds, Federal Bonds and Co-Op Bonding all over the state of Georgia.

The company works with compassion and respect for families going through this stressful and life-changing experience as it understands that being with your family during hard times is the best thing for every individual, no matter the circumstances may be.

So call AAA Action Bonding now and get help with your appeal bond.

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