Responsibilities of Bailing Someone Out of Jail

Being in jail is perhaps one of the most frustrating things that can happen to an individual. If the arrested person is close to you, you can also feel the agony and the frustration that the former feels. And that feeling will remain unless you act now and help that person get out of jail.

The only way that an arrested person can get out of jail is to bail him or her out. That is if the crime he or she is accused of is bailable.

If you want to help a family member get out of jail, you need to post a bail for his or her temporary release. The amount forms the bail bond that the court sets based on the seriousness of the crime committed by the defendant. You will be the one to sign any document regarding the bond agreement on behalf of the defendant. This makes you the Indemnitor, a person who assumes all the financial responsibility for the defendant’s bond.

Bail bonds do not only mean payment of money in cash since properties are also used as collateral to ensure that the defendant will show up for all court hearings.

As the Indemnitor, you have to make sure that the defendant will appear in every court hearing until his or case is resolved.

You will also be responsible for paying all costs related to the case. If the defendant is nowhere to be found, you will pay for the hiring of a fugitive recovery agent who will locate the defendant and bring him or her back to court.

If that happens, the court will issue a warrant of arrest for the defendant and all collaterals used as bond will be forfeited in favor of the court.

If the defendant cannot be located despite using all possible means, you will have to pay the total amount set by the court as bail.

Being an Indemnitor is a huge responsibility that requires lots of patience. If you don’t have this, you can’t surely handle all the stress and pain of appearing in court and signing documents. But patience is a virtue. You will surely win as long as the defendant will cooperate in all court undertakings. In no time, you can have him or her out of jail and live a normal life.

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